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Armel Zola, also known as "Zola", is the man behind Lazola Fitness. Putting smiling and laughter back into fitness with routines that are focused on being fun, his unique ways of exercising has attracted a list of athlete and celebrity clientele. Zola’s high energy workouts are built to make clients feel confident, positive whilst burning a high level of calories and gaining body strength.


Zola has always been passionate about fitness and holds an impressive background in the football world. In 2012, Zola moved to London and discovered Hyde Park, this was where he began training again completing exercises he learned from his father.


Soon after, Zola discovered that he had found something unique in the way that he was training inspired by the music that he loved. One day he was stop by someone who told him people loved what he was doing, that he should create a brand to teach others and buy a speaker so that people could hear his music.


Zola earned his Personal Training qualification and returned to Hyde Park with his speaker, he noticed that he was getting the attention of many new passers-by who seemed to be enjoying his way of training. It was at this point that Zola began to think about a new way of exercising for his clients which he called “Lazola Training”, and decided on creating suitable exercises for everyone, whether they were a beginner, intermediate or advanced.




A year later, the attention that Zola’s training sessions gained began to grow, attracting huge crowds of children, parents, teenagers, tourists, all watching him and filming on their phones. One particular day he opened Instagram to find that Brazillian Footballer Ronaldo had filmed his training, he had posted the video on Instagram with the caption “There are many ways to exercise”. This gained attention from French press who were curious to find out who the man behind the orange jacket was. From here Zola became inspired to take Lazola Fitness further.


After making an impression in the football world, Zola was scouted and asked to train Faris Haroun (Midfielder for Belgium) by an agent. With Zola’s experience in both training and performing as a footballer, his training skills exceeded those of others. He had now found a niche; training professional footballers. Zola has returned to the football scene but this time in a different way. Up until today, Zola has trained a variety of players who have both been signed to academies and professional leagues, his client list is continuously growing.

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