There are many ways

to exercise.



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I am a celebrity fitness instructor and football coach to academies and professional leagues. I created Lazola Fitness, which is inspired by the way I like to train; fun and creative workouts which can be enjoyed by anyone at any level. 

LazolaFitness is a fresh, fun way to workout, inspired by the liveliness of Afrobeats music. My workouts work from the inside out, they are created to build your confidence which will allow you to express yourself without caring what others think. Crazy moves that will give you crazy results!

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Take your daily

Vitamin Z!

To ensure you get your daily dose, each Lazola Fitness workout is always made up of:



  • Craziness

  • Hard work

  • Smiles

  • Fun

  • Confidence


Workouts that make you laugh.

Results that make you smile.

Why is smiling fundamental to training the Lazola way? I want you to be excited to exercise, what is the point in doing something everyday if it’s not fun? There are already too many mental barriers that prevent us from being our best selves, smiling and having fun is one of the biggest motivators to start and finish a workout. 

Lazola Training specialises in making you feel good inside and out. Studies show that smiling releases endorphins, natural painkillers, and serotonin. Together these three neurotransmitters make us feel good from head to toe. My clients love this approach to working out and love the results even more.

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Enjoy the all the fun of a bespoke Lazola Fitness class made for your private party. Watch to see influencers Nifé and Regina's experience.


Work up a sweat with an hour long Lazola Fitness class. Watch the video to see Fleur East's experience.


Lazola F.C. Academy is based in West London who help players achieve their dream of finding a professional team for players from ages of 8 to over 20 years.